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Kathiyawadi Food – served best at LaTomatina

Kathiyawad is a peninsular part of Gujarat. The place is famous for its people, culture and food. The food loving people of Kathiyawad brings in many specialities in food. They eat healthy things with an added touch of spices. Lasanya bataka, gathiya, bhajji, undhyu, vagharelo rotlo, chhash, marcha, chutney and much more forms the basic food of Kathiyawad. Tangy, tasty main course with lots of side dishes and butter milk defines the food of Kathiyawadi folks.

Kathiyawadi Dish

Traditional in terms of the making, this food also has high gastronomic value. Pickles, chutney and papad form an irreplaceable part of Kathiyawadi plate. These are the best form of probiotics and make digestion easy and effective. The herbs used as spices help in proper absorption of nutrients and thus paves way to good health. Buttermilk is a perfect blend of healthy bacteria for a healthy digestive tract. The texture of the food is rich, creamy and savoury.

When you want to experience a traditional blend of Gujarati spicy flavour, texture and rich culinary delights then switch to Kathiyawadi food. It will leave you with a full stomach and happy mind. For the perfect taste of Kathiyawadi cuisines come to LaTomatina!

Come and experience the taste of Punjab at LaTomatina!

We proudly present another Indian cuisine, the Punjabi food. This cuisine is highly traditional with respect to the style of making and is heavily influenced by agriculture and farming lifestyle.


Rich, buttery flavours with extensive vegetables served with tandoori rotis and lassi, the food of Punjab leaves you spellbound. The food uses a wide range of dairy products including cottage cheese, butter and ghee. Local veggies, food additives, nuts and condiments are added to prepare delicious curries. The breads or chapattis are made in masonry ovens, which adds that extra earthy flavour to the food; making it not just tasty but healthy as well.

Why LaTomatina?

At LaTomatina, you will find the best of Punjabi and kathiyawadi food served in total grandeur. We are also masters at preparing Chinese and continental food. Ours is a place that offers food that tastes well and feels great. It is a place for one and all. Come here with your friends and family to enjoy a gala time of fun and food. We invite you for Surat’s finest dining experience. Come and treat yourself with great food and equally good time!


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