“Laughter Is Brightest Where Food Is Best” – LaTomatina’s Mantra

Food plays many roles in a person’s life. It is the raw material for building blocks of the body. Not only that, it also has the power to create a wonderful state of mind. Yes! The quality of food is essential in creating a peaceful mind. Healthy food is the best medicine for happiness. It does not just make the stomach happy, but also keeps the mind active. According to the ancient Indian food culture, health relies highly on the food one intakes. It is the food that makes the body and the mind. A good mix of nutrients wrapped in tasty spices makes way for a strong body and stable mind.

Food has lots of variety in terms mouth watering delicacies for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. From Kathiyawadi food to fruit salads, everything that satiates the stomach can bring a smile on the face. Cooked in methods that maintain the nutrient value, the food forms an essential part of a healthy life style. Spices are a big part of any cuisine. They are not just the herbs to bring in various tastes, but also have a gastronomic effect. The spices pay a big way in improving the digestion and absorbing the nutrients found in the food.

La Tomatina Aerial View

At La Tomatina, we believe that good food brings good mood. For this, we create the highest quality of food. Our veggies, spices and other kitchen ingredients are handpicked by our team of chefs and culinary experts. Our kitchen is a tidy place with a gamut of veggies, spices and herbs. We make food under absolute hygienic conditions as we feel that it’s the quality that will bring in more clients. Also, we offer a tidy place to enjoy the heavenly food.



A combination of a cosy place to sit in and lovely food for your tummy makes LaTomatina a wonderful hang out place for friends and family. We enjoy serving you the best of Kathiyawadi, Punjabi, Chinese and Continental food while you have a fun time with the near and dear ones. Be it a friendly get together or family function, our place is the right place for food lovers. We promise to bring the brightest smile on your face. With appetising food on the palette and friends around the corner you just can’t stop but have a great time.

With food we bring you the taste of the Punjab, Kathiyawad and China. Come at LaTomatina for all kinds of appetising stuff. We promise you an unforgettable experience and some of the brightest laughter times. Come and check for yourself!


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