Team Chello Divas at La Tomatina – Lunch, Fun and Memories

La Tomatina celebrated the last day of 2015 with some of the cast and crew of the popular movie Chello Divas. The star studded lunch was enjoyed by a host of food lovers with most of them being big fans of the movie. The stars and director of Chello Divas had a great time as they interacted with the people, enjoyed the food and shared some of the best memories of the film. Hosting them was a delightful experience for the chefs and the team of La Tomatina.

Chhello Divas Event

We prepared mouth watering food and arranged the place in a manner that everybody feels comfortable. The idea was to end 2015 with some happy memories. While on the floor, the Chello Divas team reminded our customers that life is a beautiful journey and every moment should be enjoyed to the fullest. Our guests gave in some of the insights of filming this youthful movie and how it impacted their life.

Chhello Divas Event La Tomatina


As hosts, we made all arrangements for the comfort and convenience of our guests; the stars and their fans. Food was served with warmth and the spunky conversations between the stars and the food lovers just fell into place. At the end, fans left the place with a heavenly taste and a memorable time with their favourite stars. Autographs and selfies were all around the place. For more of such amazing events and happy times, come to La Tomatina and have a taste of life!

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